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Retreat Experience

Includes :

  • 1 hour of Reiki Energy Healing

  • 30mins of Guided Conscious Breathwork

  • 3 hours of Holistic Therapy (5MeO-DMT assisted)

    • Guided Sub Conscious Led Meditation

    • Art Therapy

    • Sound Therapy

  • Ayurvedic Lunch included for all dietary concerns

  • Transportation to and from your hotel in Tulum in AC Van + water

  • Optional Add on: Customized ‘Bach Flower Remedy’ Tincture for at home Aftercare

Quantum Reset offers a holistic approach to healing by integrating multiple modalities for a complete experience. Customizing each individual session allows you to fully relax with the knowledge that this time is created just for you - for your own total mind, body and spirit reset. We offer pre and post ceremony care to help support your process for optimal long term results.


> Guided Sub Conscious Led Meditation
> Guided Conscious Breathwork
> Reiki Energy Healing
> Holistic Therapy (5MeODMT micro, medium, full release dose)
> Art Therapy
> Transportation to and from your hotel in Tulum in AC Van + water

Optional Add ons: 
> Customized ‘Bach Flower Remedy’ Tincture for at home Aftercare 
> 101 Integration support

Upon booking you will receive a link to schedule a intake call with the facilitators to customize your session for optimal results.

We have 3 locations available for this experience, prices and length vary upon each. See the options below.

Meet your guides
Jayelle Pic.jpg

Jayelle Michele

Jayelle is a certified Breathwork Facilitator, Community Herbalist and Reiki Master in traditional Usui Reiki. Born and raised in Vancouver Canada, she is is a native English speaker who is here to serve for your highest healing.

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Holistic Coach & Entheogen Specialist.
With a background in Business Consulting and Management, Rose has developed strong mentoring skills and through her spiritual journey has now specialized in providing personalized guidance for holistic self healing and self enhancement. Mexican, fluent in English and French.


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More Info

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  • 15 min

    11.11 US dollars
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