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Holistic Coaching

Mind and Soul Alignment.

  • 1 hour
  • 2,220 pesos mexicanos
  • Online

Service Description

Comprehensive exploration of your emotional, mental and spiritual states, to help you achieve your personal objectives. This is for you if: + you’re a spiritual seeker + you have experience with psychedelics / entheogens + you’re looking for alternative self healing techniques than conventional medicine/therapy + you’re coping with anxiety, cPTSD, depression or suicidal ideation I provide assistance with Spiritual tools and techniques like Neurolinguistics, BioNeuroemotion decodification and Quantum Therapeutix, a spiritual/emotional healing tool where we go back to the moment of trauma to actually heal the core wounds for the symptoms of mental “illness”, addictions, suicidal tendencies, chronic diseases and personality “disorders”. The Quantum Therapeutix™ System is designed to restore and unify the loops of C-PTSD and PTSD and create integrity and harmony throughout all of your 5 primary operating systems. Behaviorally, Physically, Energetically, Mentally, and Spiritually. More than just a talk therapy, ⁠it’s a holistic approach to self healing and improvement. Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist or doctor, I wouldn’t call me a “healer” either, because only you can heal yourself. I’m a cPTSD survivor, trained as 5MeO-DMT facilitator offering to help you through your process.

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